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Project data
Google maps link
Ex. Residential RE - apartments, townhouses, villas, Commercial RE – retail, office, hospitality, warehouse, etc.
Land plot area, Construction area, useful (sellable/rentable) area, number of floors (below and above the ground), number of units, unit parameters (number of bedrooms, m2, etc.), other relevant parameters. Land/premise ownership title status – who is the current owner, is acquisition completed, if acquisition is in progress – please describe current status.
Local supply analysis – price, product, current stock – new and secondary market, et Demand analysis – who are the buyers/tenants, what kind of product they are looking for, etc. Deal flow – price trend for last 5 years, actual deals parameters, etc.
3D renders, floor plans, etc.
Current stage, last official document issued, further steps till construction license (specify each step).
Main budget lines – acquisition, design and permitting, construction, developers fees (if any), etc.
Main project phases (start-end dates), including construction, sales etc.
Price (rent) per m2, per unit, early phase discounts, brokers fees, total net revenue (net rental income)
Relevant experience – completed projects with short description for each: dates of start-completion, budget, area, number of units, etc.
Sources – Developers funds (actually spent and to be spent), bank debt (if any), pre-sales, Investments to be raised
For the Investments to be raised – amount needed (including tranches if applicable), investment instrument (loan, equity, pre-sale at investment price, etc), main terms (for loan - interest rate and collateral, for equity – pre-money valuation, % shares for investor, decision-making rights etc.)
attach the following documents: financial plan, project documentation, permits, market analysis, estimate, presentation.
specify the role (for example, developer, broker, architect)
a platform for real estate specialists looking for investments, clients and ideas
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