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Bringing together investors, developers and specialists for real estate projects implementation worldwide.

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Co:buildy for developers
Develop your project idea, build a team and attract investments
Co:buildy for
Invest in verified real estate projects worldwide
Co:buildy for
Find clients and develop your personal brand in real estate
Here at Co:buildy we create a safe and trustworthy environment for those working in real estate industry.
The power of our community within the platform brings our members enormous value in their professional growth on the real estate market, giving them access to others experts` experience, strategies and solutions.
Founder —
Danila Valyaev, with 10 years of experience in real estate
Engaged in REITs at PIK Group

Consulted at Ernst & Young on real estate

Managed commercial real estate - a shopping mall and business centers

Founder of Ranty project - digital rental management tool

Co-founder of Business Village

Launched a project for a cottage village with 200 houses, which was sold within 2 years

Assisted in attracting investments in Rentaved

Developing a project for a digital broker at Magazin Magazinov
Founder - Danila Valyaev
10 years in real estate
Platform for executing real estate projects worldwide
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