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Platform features
Attract investments for the completion of 16 townhouses in Portugal
  • Develop the terms of attracting investments: transaction form, parties' responsibilities, guarantees, risks.
  • Create an investment proposal.
  • Find investors, conduct negotiations with them and obtain financing.
Daniel is engaged in his first development project in the Portuguese market – he acquired an unfinished condominium of 16 townhouses near Porto from the bank at a price below market. He updated all the regulatory documents and brought the construction to the stage of "interior finishing."

There were no funds for further stages of project implementation, and Daniel's company was refused a bank loan. Daniel decides to attract investment funds to the project, but he had no prior experience working with investors.
task details
Redevelopment of a property into a beauty coworking space in Nice
  • Find specialists who can provide legal consultation on project approval and offer services for preparing all necessary documents.
  • List her project in the catalog of investment proposals and attract investments.
task details
Alícia has experience in implementing development projects, but in a different country. In France, she lacks experience and understanding of the principles of bureaucracy in project approval and obtaining permits.

Initially, Alícia conducted a market analysis, identified the initial parameters of the property suitable for her project, and has already started looking for contractors for construction work.
Reconstruction of a villa into a retreat center in Bali
  • Find a specialist who can assist in selecting the property.
  • Gain skills in estimating construction costs and organizing construction and renovation work.
  • Find a partner-investor to develop the project together.
Gloria has extensive experience in the tourism industry and knows how to successfully manage hotel operations and ensure high occupancy rates during the offseason.

Based on her experience, Gloria decides to open her own retreat center in Bali, but she lacks expertise in selecting the right property and reconstructing the premises for her purpose.
task details
Launching a dormitory franchise in a new geographic market
  • Connect with real estate professionals residing in the USA.
  • Find partners who can handle the operational implementation of the project in the States.
  • Find investors to launch the new business model.
task details
Kevin has successful dormitory projects based on the sublease model in several European countries. He has established processes for property selection, reconstruction, lead generation, and room maintenance.

Kevin plans to launch his project in the United States market and try a business model with property acquisition, but he understands that launching in a new market is like building a new business.
With Co:buildy, Gloria will be able to:
With Co:buildy, Kevin will be able to:
With Co:buildy, Daniel will be able to:
With Co:buildy, Alícia will be able to:
The platform will be useful for:
  • Those preparing to launch their first project
    Individuals with experience in real estate who are ready to embark on their first development project as a developer and go through the entire process from A to Z. They may have capital but lack specialized knowledge.
  • Those already implementing a project and in need of assistance
    Individuals already working on one of their first development projects in the market either as a sole entrepreneur or as part of a small team. They require financial or expert support to reduce risks or expedite project implementation.
  • Those seeking investment
    Individuals with an established project team and all competencies covered. They have successfully implemented several development projects, possess their own capital, but aim to grow more actively through external financing.
  • Those looking to scale their operations
    Individuals with established business processes, written regulations, and assembled teams. Their business model has been tested on several projects. They aim to enter new markets or increase recognition in the current market.

With Co:buildy, real estate looks easy

  • build from scratch
  • reconstruct
  • engage in flipping
  • reformat the object
  • divide the object into parts
What do you plan to do?
  • villa, townhouse, private house
  • multi-apartment building
  • hotel, guesthouse
  • glamping, camping
  • retreat center
  • art space
  • coworking, coliving
  • office space
  • industrial space
  • warehouse space
What type of real estate?
  • Europe
  • CIS
  • Middle East
  • Asia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Australia
In which market?
What you can do with Co:buildy
Collaborate with a working group of experts to refine your business plan, financial model, regulatory documentation, and formulate a practical action plan for project implementation.
Develop your project idea
developers, brokers, architects, builders, engineers, lawyers, financiers, marketers, sales managers, project managers
Enhance your expertise
The platform hosts a database of verified investors to whom you can present your investment proposal.
Attract investments
If you're new to working with investors, the platform can help you create secure conditions for attracting investment, including deal structure, guarantees, return rates, repayment options, and terms of engagement between parties.
Create an investment proposal
Access specialists from the real estate industry who can provide consultation or join your project to address your specific needs.
If you have a working project with an established business model, the platform can assist in exploring options for scaling it up, finding partners, and assembling teams in different regions.
Scale your business model
My goal with the Co:buildy project is to create a safe, trustworthy environment for those working in the real estate industry. We aim to ensure that the power of community and platform infrastructure provide excellent synergy and solve participants' tasks within days.
Founder —
Danila Valyaev, with 10 years of experience in real estate
Engaged in REITs at PIK Group

Consulted at Ernst & Young on real estate

Managed commercial real estate - shopping mall and business centers

Founder of Ranty project - rental management tool

Co-founder of Business Village

Launched a project for a cottage village with 200 houses, which was sold within 2 years

Assisted in attracting investments in Rentaved

Developing a project for a digital broker at Magazin Magazinov
Founder — Danila Valyaev, with 10 years of experience in real estate
Community of Professionals
• development
We're constructing cottage settlements in Spain. I can assist with land selection, choosing builders, or conducting profitability calculations.
As you tackle your business challenges, you'll connect with other platform participants, join project teams, or find contractors to address specific tasks.
Elaine Baker
• investment
I own an IT company, and as a diversification strategy, I invest in real estate and construction. I'm open to investing in an intriguing project.
Kasimir Dieter
• marketing
We've been developing websites and optimizing traffic for the real estate sector for 12 years. We specialize exclusively in this field and can provide consultation on sales viewing.
Naadir Boscolo
Upon registration on the platform, you will be assigned a personal manager with whom you can discuss your project in detail and identify the tasks that need to be addressed.
How does it all work?
Study the specifics of your project
Immersing themselves in the details of your request, the manager will select the most suitable solution.
Determine the appropriate solution
We will accompany and oversee your project to ensure you reach your ultimate goal.
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Platform for executing real estate projects worldwide
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