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Here is why you need an investment community
  1. Get to know investors who share similar values and goals
  2. Source capital for joint participation in projects
  3. Find new partners and obtain unique market insights
  4. Participate in real estate events and stay up to date with market trends
Community Values
  • -1-
    Casual communication
    Co:buildy is a place for professional networking and finding partners, so all participants should be prepared for open communication. We address each other informally, without unnecessary formalities, but respect the personal boundaries of other participants.
  • -2-
    Politeness and respect
    Openness and friendliness will help you get the most out of the community. We value dialogue, exchange of opinions, and do not tolerate meaningless negativity and insults. Negative comments and criticism should be constructive.
  • -3-
    Long-term partnerships
    It is important for us to create a sustainable environment with people with whom we can collaborate in the long term, participating in various projects in different countries.
  • -4-
    Pursuing development and self-realization
    The main mission of the co:buildy project is to create. Create oneself, create partnerships, create projects. Creating the world around us by unleashing the creative potential of humanity.
We offer investors ready-to-lauch investment products, well-researched and approved by our team of experts
Sergey Sorokin
  • Over 18 years of experience in investments, including 14 years in real estate
  • Participation in the preparation and implementation of projects totaling over $1 billion
  • Residing in Europe for 1.5 years
  • Organizes the investment analysis process, participates in negotiations, oversees due diligence and deal closure, as well as investor exit from the investment project.
Investment Director
Ready-made investment products
Expert project analysis
Developer experience, analysis of permitting documentation, financial model assumptions - pricing and sales schedule, construction budget, and associated expenses.
Alignment of investment product
Alignment of developer and investor interests, risk balance, investor management rights and returns, exit strategy in different scenarios.
Deal closure support
Recommendations of professional service providers, data room for due diligence, consultations on market conditions in comparable projects.
Project management in the interest of the investor
Upon agreement - co-investment in the project, downside protection & upside sharing, informational support during project implementation, success fee upon successful exit.

Investment Product Parameters

Examples of Investment Products

We create bespoke investment strategies for you

Tailored to your strategic goals and resources


Understanding Investor needs

Defining the Investor's Request: Identifying the investment needs and requirements concerning risk/return ratio
Reviewing opportunities
Market Situation: Assessing the real estate market conditions, trends, and financial parameters/return metrics in different countries and sectors.
Project selection strategy
Choosing Criteria: Selecting criteria such as country, type of real estate, geographic segment, project phase, investment instrument, and average project ticket size
Project selection process
Searching and Screening: Identifying and screening projects that align with the formulated investment strategy, negotiating participation terms with the investor, facilitating the transaction closure, and overseeing project implementation.
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